Always something there to remind me!

On my first night in the Annexe at HMS Ganges I was in my new mess where we were told we had to make our beds, properly stow our new kit into lockers and were given various cleaning materials to clean the decks, windows, heads, dustbins, everything in fact that didn’t move. I was given a tin of metal polish and told to buff up the mess dustbin until I could see my face reflected in it. As I rubbed and polished away at the dustbin the radio was on and Sandie Shaw was singing her song, “There’s Always Something There to Remind Me” but for me there was nothing there to remind me anymore. My clothes, my last link with the world I had left behind, were on the back of a lorry making their way back to my Mum and Dad’s flat in London and my hair had been swept up from the barber room floor and thrown away. I was miserable.

Nevertheless, to cheer myself up I gustily sang along with Sandie Shaw as you can now:


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